Statute vs Statue: when judges become art critics

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The sharp-eyed petitioners in this case were former MP and now legislator in the East African Assembly, Simon Mbugua, with the director of Kenyans for Justice and Development, Okiya Okoiti. They challenged the constitutionality of the new bank notes for their depiction of the man regarded as the founder of modern Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta.

Kenyan judge declares Rastafarianism a religion: but what’s its history?

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Her father believed her rights to education and to religious freedom had been violated by the school and went to court for clarity. Judge Chacha Mwita of Kenya’s high court agreed with him, holding that the decision to remove the student on the basis of her rastas was unconstitutional and that she had to be allowed back immediately.

Girl power in action at court

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As one of four daughters myself, I always enjoy a story where sisters stand up together against injustice aimed at any (or all) of them. This is just such a matter, involving the estate of Daniel Kamau who died in 2001. He left six sons and six daughters – but no will.

After their father’s death, some of the sons went to court and in June 2003, won an order that the estate should be distributed among the six sons.


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