Death sentence or 7 years for the same offence? – Kenya’s conflicted Penal Code

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Peter Muindi and Jimmy Musila were originally charged and convicted of attempted robbery with violence. On conviction they were sentenced to death. Though the death penalty was commuted to life, they lost both their appeal attempts (to the High Court and the Court of Appeal) on the question of conviction and appropriate sentence. That seemed to be the end of the road: they would have to reconcile themselves to spending the rest of their lives in jail.

‘Demeaning’ to portray counsellor as HIV-positive sex worker? – court rules

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Though the world is moving towards de-stigmatising HIV/AIDS, it is still not difficult to imagine a court awarding damages to someone who is publicly – but either without their permission or else incorrectly – said to be living with the condition.

It’s surely even more likely to result in damages when someone is, completely wrongly, identified in a caption with her photograph as “an HIV positive sex worker” waiting at a clinic to be attended.

"You forged your salary increase letter" - now court awards damages for this allegation

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Ironically enough, given the problems experienced by the Kenya Wildlife Service, it would be true to say that Evans Mukolwe, installed as head of the service in October 2003, was poached from his former job.

There was well over a year still to go on his contract with the World Meteorological Organisation in Geneva when Mukolwe was head-hunted and persuaded to accept the post of KWS director.


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