Kenya Revenue Authority

Return Iranian businessman’s passport, high court tells Kenya’s tax authorities

WHEN Iranian businessman Seyed Khavidaki took on Kenya’s tax authorities, not many people would have put money on a bet that he would win. He is, after all, the Kenya country representative of an outfit that allegedly owes Kshs188-m in tax and he is also the only avenue through which the revenue authority can reach the company concerned which has its base in the United Arab Emirates. To keep him in the country, Kenya’s official confiscated Khavidaki’s passport and issued a notice prohibiting him from leaving the country.

Read the judgment on Kenya Law

Battle-lines were drawn early in November when Seyed Khavidaki arrived in Kenya. His passport was withdrawn and he has been forbidden to leave the country. The revenue authorities, who took these steps against him, said they were investigating more than Kshs 188-m in overdue tax, owed by Farab International FZE Ltd.

Khavidaki then took the matter to the constitution and human rights division of Kenya’s high court.

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