JIFA Newsflash #21 - Editorial - 31 August 2018

THE arrest and intended prosecution of Kenya’s deputy chief justice, Philomena Mwilu, reflects some of the painful and difficult strands in that country’s legal and political story. On the one hand there is the problem of restoring the reputation of the judiciary after a long period in which corruption on the bench was an acknowledged fact. On the other, the government in Kenya is not known for showing respect to the now-reformed judiciary and its decisions.

Long battle by 42 magistrates heads to employment and labour relations court

THE case of the 42 magistrates is another long-running legal battle aimed at reversing some of the “radical surgery” performed on the Kenyan judiciary in the years from 2002.

That was the year in which tough steps were taken to root out corruption within the judicial sphere and a number of judges and other judicial officers were let go.


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