Relatives of Lesotho's PM appeal bail granted to his 3rd wife, charged with murdering wife number two

The decision by Lesotho’s Acting Chief Justice to grant bail to the wife of that country’s Prime Minister, Tom Thabane, is to be challenged as an urgent matter in the apex court of appeal. Relatives of Thabane, including a grandson who shares his name, have lodged the appeal claiming the ACJ granted bail under ‘suspicious circumstances’. Thabane’s wife, Maesaiah Thabane, has been arrested by the police in connection with the murder of Thabane’s previous wife, Lipolelo.

Why was the third wife of Lesotho’s Prime Minister, Tom Thabane, released on minimal bail, after normal court hours, without the police giving their view on the issue and when the crime of which she was suspected was a serious matter of murder and attempted murder?

Lesotho’s King urged: don't appoint ACJ as Chief Justice

While the police continue to search for the current wife of Lesotho’s head of government, Tom Thabane, in connection with the murder of his former wife, Thabane has announced that he is to quit office on a date still to be announced. Thabane, whose ruling All Basotho Convention is riven with splits, is also of interest to the police, who say that Thabane’s personal phone was used at the scene of his second wife’s murder. His current wife disappeared when police said they wanted her for questioning.

Lesotho’s embattled Prime Minister, Tom Thabane, may well be about to resign his post as he has promised. But while his All Basotho Convention (ABC) party and the people of Lesotho wait for him to indicate the date on which he will stand down, Thabane is far from idle.


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