High court protection "doesn't filter down to the lower courts" so this Jifa Alum declared magistrates court processes unconstitutional

Glenda Hiskia works as a security consultant with the United Nations mission in Liberia. Though she is a Namibian, her work contract provides that she must live in Liberia for eight weeks at a time with only a brief break home before the next eight week stint begins.

During 2010 she bought a property in a Windhoek building named Urban Space. That was her Namibian base for a while but after unresolved issues with the body corporate she bought another property and moved there, intending to renovate and then let out her Urban Space accommodation.

Judge lays down the law for psychologists to testify

This article first appeared in LegalBrief.

WHEN an unnamed couple began divorce action in Namibia no-one could have foreseen that it would result in new law, changing long-standing norms about who may give expert psychological evidence in that country.

At the heart of this particular element of the couple’s dispute was the question: when a psychologist from another country gives evidence in Namibia, does it amount to ‘practising’ there?

Traditional king ordered to appear in court and testify about his decisions

The unusual court case was the result of a long-running feud within Namibia’s Ondonga traditional authority and involves senior traditional leaders and advisers to the King, the “Omukwaniilwa” of Ondonga. At some stage six of these advisers were sacked and they then asked the court to intervene.


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