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Supply doctors, health workers with protection, court tells Lesotho government

Doctors in Lesotho have won a major constitutional battle. They brought a case against the country’s minister of health, the minister of finance and the minister of public service, among others, claiming that their constitutional rights had been infringed in a number of ways. In particular they said they were not being provided with proper personal protective equipment (PPE). They were also unhappy because long-established supplementary payments to them had been cut off by government, all in the name of shortage of funds.

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There’s one thing any reader of this judgment will ask – who would want to work as a doctor in Lesotho right now? And the answer must be that very few outsiders would put their hands up to serve there, under present conditions.

Costs order a lesson about 'frivolous' Covid-19 claims - labour court

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South Africa's National Education Health and Allied Workers Union (Nehawu) brought a case to the labour court last week that is important for several reasons, not least because of crucial allegations raised - and dismissed - about the availability of crucial protection for health workers at the frontline of the country's battle against Covid-19.

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