Champion of Ugandan judicial independence dies


Justice Tsekooko died this week six years after retiring from Uganda's highest court where he had worked as a Supreme Court justice for some 21 years. He had been suffering from prostate cancer. Justice Tsekooko began his life in the law as a state attorney but after a few years he started work as a lawyer in the private sector. During the failing years of the Idi Amin regime, he left the country and lived in exile until that government fell.

Seychelles appoints leading Ugandan judge to its apex court

As Africa and many other parts of the world threaten to explode with anger over the rape of children and women, femicide and other forms of gender-based violence, the highest court of Seychelles has scored an important addition to its ranks. This judge brings a particular knowledge of and sensitivity to the growing problem of violence against women from her academic work as well as her experience on the highest court of her home country.


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