Francis Muhingira Garatwa & Others vs Attorney General (Consolidated Misc. Civil Cause No.4 of 2018 & Misc. Civil Cause No.8 of 2018) [2020] TZHC 2861

This application determined the constitutionality of sections 43-46 of the Police Force and Auxiliary Act (PFAA) and section 11 (2), (4), (5)-(7) of the Political Parties Act (PPA). The applicants argued that the provisions infringed on their rights to a fair hearing and be heard, freedoms of expression, association and assembly as well as the right to participate in public affairs.

Chike A. Akunnia v Attorney General Anambra State (SC 420/75) [1977] SLSC 10 (20 MAY 1977)

By originating summons, the appellant sought an order declaring the ban of a public meeting at Onitsha as unconstitutional and illegal; and restraining the respondents from interfering with the appellant’s right to hold the ceremonies.

The trial court dismissed the application since the matter could not be summarily settled on a mere motion as presented by the originating summons. The appellant appealed the decision to the Supreme Court.


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