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Title Jurisdiction Date
Corruption: An Underestimated Detractor of Africa’s Blue Economy Strategies  South Africa Briefing Paper 15 January 2024
Business and Human Rights in Africa: Mirroring Existing Principles with African Realities  South Africa Briefing Paper 10 January 2024
Right to Access Legal Information in Africa  South Africa Briefing Paper 15 December 2023
The people demand a working social contract: Responding to unconstitutional change of governments in Africa  South Africa Briefing Paper 12 October 2023
The pursuit for legal claims on Reparations for Slavery and colonialism in Africa under international human rights law  South Africa Briefing Paper 15 September 2023
The Use of Technology in Elections in Africa  South Africa Briefing Paper 30 August 2023
The African Continental Free Trade Area: Challenges and Possible Remedies  South Africa Briefing Paper 15 August 2023
African Geographical Indications: What is Next?  South Africa Briefing Paper 31 July 2023
Justice Undeterred: Africa's Legal Landscape in the Face of COVID-19  South Africa Scorecard 30 June 2023
The scope of copyright in materials produced and controlled by intergovernmental organisations in Africa  South Africa Briefing Paper 1 June 2023
Africans want more democracy, but their leaders still aren’t listening  Ghana Briefing Paper 20 March 2023
Spotlighting youthful presidential candidates in Africa: Attitudes and practices with young and youthful political aspirants  South Africa Briefing Paper 7 January 2023
Capturing civic space – A new wave of declining civic space in Africa  South Africa Briefing Paper 14 December 2022
A Need for Derogation Provisions under the African Charter  South Africa Briefing Paper 20 November 2022
Africans see unfair distribution of COVID-19 relief assistance, loss of resources to corruption  Ghana Briefing Paper 17 November 2022
Perceptions are bad, reality is worse: Citizens report widespread predation by African police  Ghana Briefing Paper 18 March 2022
Declining performance: Africans demand more government attention to educational needs  Ghana Briefing Paper 15 March 2022
Beyond borders? Africans prefer self-reliant development but remain skeptical of free trade and open borders  Ghana Briefing Paper 23 November 2021
Africans see growing corruption, poor government response, but fear retaliation if they speak out  Ghana Briefing Paper 10 November 2021
Africans say governments aren’t doing enough to help youth  Ghana Briefing Paper 3 November 2021
Support for elections weakens among Africans; many see them as ineffective in holding leaders accountable  Ghana Briefing Paper 16 September 2021
Submission to the African Union’s African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights (ACHPR) on the thematic report on declarations of state of emergency and state of disaster laws and practices in Africa  South Africa Policy Submission 30 August 2021