Resolution on the Relations Between The ILO and OAU

CM/Res. 446 (XXV)


The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity meeting in its 25th

Ordinary Session in Kampala, Uganda, from 18 to 25 July 1975,

Having considered the report of the Thirteenth Ordinary Session of the conference of African Labour Ministers (Document CM/668 (XXV)),

Encouraged by the existing relations of co-operation between the ILO and the OAU,

Conscious of the importance of further expanding and intensifying the existing co- operation,

Convinced of the usefulness of ILO Technical Co-operation Programmes in the field of social and labour policy matters for African countries,

Aware of the need to decentralize the activities of the ILO and make structural reforms in the Organization in order to more effectively serve the needs and priorities of its African member States,

Appreciating the work done by the ILO in the filed of employment promotion and the improvement of working and living conditions of workers,

Recalling the urgent need for Africa to implement the Declaration and Programme of Action on the establishment of a New International Economic Order,


  1. The existing working relationship between the two Organizations in areas of mutual interest should be strengthened;

  1. The ILO increases its activities in the areas of technical co-operation programmes in order to meet the growing needs of the African countries;

  1. The Conference of African Labour Ministers, within the Group of 77, should continue its efforts within the Working Party on Structure, the governing Body and in subsequent Committee(s) on Structure of the International Labour Conference until the issues of Structure and decentralization are finally resolved;

  1. The General Secretariat of the OAU closely liaises and takes an active part in the preparatory work and activities of the forthcoming Tripartite World Conference on Employment. Income Distribution Social Progress and the International Division of Labour in Geneva, June 1976.

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