Resolution on UNESCO


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The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity meeting in its Twenty- Seventh Ordinary Session at Port Louis, Mauritius, from 24 June to 3rd July, 1976.

Having examined the prospects of cooperation between the OAU and the specialized Agencies of the UNO in general and between the OAU and the UNESCO in particular;

Reaffirming the resolutions of the Sixth and Seventh Extraordinary Sessions of the United Nations General Assembly on the role entrusted to the specialized Agencies as regards their contributions to the development and maintenance of peace;

Noting with the greatest satisfaction the excellent working relations between the OAU and the United Nations System for the effective implementation of the said resolutions;

Recalling the legal obligation of Member States of the United Nations Organization and the specialized Agencies to pay regularly their contributions to the budget of the said organizations;

Noting that certain Founder-Member States of this Organization, alleging that under the pretext that some decisions had been democratically adopted by the Eighteenth Session of the General Assembly, deem it fit to absolve themselves from the financial obligations arising from their adherence to UNESCO;

  1. REAFFIRMS its support for the Director-General of UNESCO;

  1. CONDEMNS any practice which, in violation of the democratic principles and constitutional provisions of Organization belonging to the United Nations System, at using the non-payment of contributions as a means of bringing pressure to bear on decision of these Organizations;

  1. COMPLIMENTS those OAU Member-States which, like other Member-States of the United Nations System, have, by means of loans, supported Specialized Agencies of the said System, and in particular UNCESCO, in the extremely serious financial situation in which the latter find themselves;

  1. URGENTLY APPEALS to all member States of OAU, as well as all Member-States of the UN system and especially the United States of America, to respect their obligation arising from their adherence to that system, and in particular to UNESCO, and to pay up their statutory contributions to the budget of the latter;

  1. REQUESTS the member States of OAU to intervene with all the Governments concerned, and especially the government of the United States of America, to solve the problem arising from the failure to contribute to the budget of the specialized agencies of the United Nations System and in particular the of UNESCO;

  1. URGENTLY REQUESTS the Secretary General of OAU to submit the present resolution to the attention of the next Non-aligned Summit due to be held in Colombo, the 19th Session of the UNESCO General Conference due to be held in Nairobi and the 32nd ordinary Session of the UN General Assembly.

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