Resolution on the Symposium of the Second Trade Fair in Algiers

CM/Res. 558(XXIX)


The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity meeting in its Twenty - Ninth Ordinary Session in Libreville, Gabon, from 23 rd June to 3 July, 1977

Recalling its Resolutions CM/Res. 443 (XXV), CM/Res. 468 (XXVI) and CM/Res. 504

(XXVII) relating to the Second All-Africa Trade Fair and it symposium,

Having examined the report of the Administrative Secretary -General contained in document CM/815 (XXIX) on the symposium of the Second Algiers Trade Fair,

Convinced that the realization of the Programme of Action adopted by this symposium constitutes a very important step towards the expansion and promotion of both Inter -African Trade and Inter-African Co-operation,

  1. EXPRESSES its satisfaction with the results of the Symposium of Second All - African Trade Fair as well as the part played by the OAU, the ECA and the Government of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria to ensure its success;

  1. ENDORSES the Symposium’s Programme o f Action and decides that the following recommendations will be implemented, as a matter of priority:

    1. that the OAU and the ECA pursue the implementation of their study programmes with a view to establishing an African Common Market and that the study programme be completed by 1980 at the latest,

    1. the acceleration of the studies on the creation of the African Organization for Trade Development (ACTD), which should be established before 1980;

    1. the establishment, before 1980, of an African Centre for the Dev elopment and Transfer of Technology;

    1. the elaboration by OAU and ECA in collaboration with the Member States of a Declaration on a Decade of Transport and Telecommunications in Africa;

  1. CALLS ON Member States to co-operate closely with the OAU and the ECA in the implementation of the said Programme of Action,

  1. REQUESTS the OAU Administrative Secretary-General to submit regular reports to the Council of Ministers on the implementation of these recommendations.

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