Resolution on Transfer of Technology

CM/Res. 674(XXXI)


The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity, meeting in its Thirty-First Ordinary Session in Khartoum, Democratic Republic of the Sudan, from 7 to 18 July 1978,

Having received and considered the report of the Administrative Secretary-General of the OAU on the Transfer of Technology, contained in Document CM/926 (XXXI),

Taking into account the several resolutions adopted by the Council of Ministers of the OAU on Transfer of Technology at its previous Ordinary Session,

Bearing in mind the considerable emphasis being accorded by the international community and such Organisations as the ECA, UNITO, UNCTAD, ILO, UNESCO and the Centre of Industrial Development of the EEC-ACP Convention of Lome on Transfer of Technology in the developing countries, especially in Africa,

Cognizant of the importance of Transfer of Technology in Africa and in the decision to establish an African Regional Centre for Transfer, Development and Adaptation of Technology:

  1. REQUESTS the Administrative Secretary-General of the OAU to take all the necessary budgetary measures to render financial assistance, permissible by the resources of the OAU, to the African Regional Centre for the Transfer, Development, and Adaptation of Technology;

  2. URGES all Member States of the OAU to accord more priority to the development of national capacities, capabilities and facilities, for transfer of technology, especially at the enterprise level;

  3. FURTHER URGES all the OAU Member States to participate, at the highest possible level, in international meetings, especially the United Nations Conference on Code of Conduct for Transfer of Technology to be held in Geneva in October 1978;

  4. APPEALS to the United Nations, and in particular to UNESCO, UNIDO, ECA, UNCTAD, ILO, the Centre for Industrial Development of the Lome EEC/ACP Convention and other international organizations, to intensify assistance, in their areas of competence, to the African countries at the national and continental levels

to accelerate the development of capacity of African countries in transfer of technology.

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