Resolution on Zimbabwe

CM/Res. 680(XXXI)


The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity, meeting in its Thirty-First Ordinary Session in Khartoum, Democratic Republic of the Sudan, from 7 to 18 July 1978,

Reaffirming Resolution CM/Res. 601 bis (XXX) which rejected and totally condemned the so-called “internal talks” taking place in Salisbury because these talks were aimed at perpetuating white minority power,

Noting that the Salisbury March 3, 1978 Agreement actually is an attempt to consolidate white minority power and that the unrepresentative elements that were party to the “internal talks” with the racist Ian Smith are now an integral part of the resulting treacherous and illegal Salisbury regime,

Having Expressed the conviction that intensified armed struggle is a decisive factor in the efforts to achieve self-determination, freedom and total independence for the people of Zimbabwe,

Recognizing with appreciation the efforts being deployed by the Frontline States on behalf of the OAU to ensure that a just solution is attained to the problems in that territory:

  1. STRONGHLY REJECTS AND CONDEMNS the March 3, 1978 Salisbury

Agreement and the treacherous regime set on those terms;

  1. CALLS UPON all OAU Member States and the international community not to give recognition to the regime resulting from the March 3 Salisbury Agreement and never to give any form of encouragement of solace to any of its elements;

  1. ENCOURAGES the appreciable prosecution of the armed struggle being waged by the Patriotic Front, the sole Liberation Movement of Zimbabwe;

  1. RESOLVES to grant all possible emergency and other requests put forward by the Patriotic Front for the intensification of the armed struggle;

  1. CALLS UPON all OAU Member States to increase their material and financial aid to the armed struggle being waged by the Patriotic Front;

  1. APPRECIATES the role played by the Heads of State, peoples and governments of the Front-Line States who, for the high ideals and principles of the OAU, have committed themselves to the total liquidation of racist minority regimes of Southern Africa;

  1. CALLS UPON all OAU Member States to implement Resolution AHG/Res. 80

(XIII) in support of Front-Line States which are constantly subjected to the repeated acts of aggression by the racist colonialist regimes of South Africa and Southern Africa.

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