Resolution on the United Nations Industrial Development Fund (UNIDF)

CM/Res. 700 (XXXII)


The Council of Minister of the Organization of African Unity, meeting in its Thirty- Second Ordinary Session in Nairobi, Republic of Kenya, from 23 February to 4 March, 1979,

Recalling its resolution CM/Res… … ..(XXX) adopted during the Thirtieth Ordinary Session held in Tripoli, Libya February 1978 during all member states in support of UNIDF:

Further recalling its resolution CM/Res. 666 (XXXI) urging UNIDO to expand its programme of assistance in favour of the least developed, land-locked. Sudana-Sahelian and drought stricken countries and developing island countries in Africa;

Conscious of the fact that the United Nations Industrial Development Board assigned a desired ceiling of $50 million as voluntary contribution each year;

Further conscious of the fact that at the second conference on contributions to UNIDF for 1974 mounted to only US$10.5million;

Convinced of the importance of industrial services and technical assistance which UNIDO could offer more effectively if additional funds are made available through the UNIDF;

  1. REAFFIRMS its commitments to the objectives of the LIMA Declaration and Plan of Action as an important measure towards the attainment of the goals envisaged in the New International Economic Order:

  1. FURTHER REAFFIRMS its full support to UNIDO as the United Nations Organization accorded the central role for United Nations activities in support of industrial and technical development and technical assistance in developing countries;

  1. CALLS on the OAU member states to lend their political, diplomatic and material support to the United Nations Industrial Development Fund; to intensify their participation in the activities of UNIDO; and to strengthen their co-operation with UNIDO in order to obtain optimum benefit from the services provided by UNIDO;

  1. URGES all member states of the United Nations, particularly these more affluent to contribute and/or raise the level of their contribution to the UNIDF with a view to reaching the desired ceiling of $50 million each year to enable them cope with the increasing demand for UNIDF services;

  1. REQUESTS the Administrative Secretary-General of the OAU to convey the contents of this resolution to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and to the Executive Director of UNIDO.

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