Resolution on the Situation of Refugees in Africa and on Perspective Solutions to their Problems in the 1980’s

CM/Res. 727 (XXXIII) Rev. 1



The Council of Ministers of the organization of African Unity meeting in its Thirty- third Ordinary Session in Monrovia, Liberia, from 6 to 20 July 1979;

Recalling the resolutions CM/Res. 621 (XXXI) and CM/Res. 694 (XXII) on the Arusha Refugee Conference,

Having carefully considered the report of the Arusha Conference of Refugee situation in Africa which convened from 7 to 17 May 1979,

Deeply concerned by the constant deterioration of the living conditions and by the ever increasing number of African refugees,

Recalling once again the principles enshrined in the 1969 OAU Convention Governing the Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa and more particularly the fact that “granting of asylum is a peaceful and humanitarian act and shall not be regarded as an unfriendly act by any Member State”:

  1. WELCOMES the convening of the Conference held from 7 17 May, 1979 on the situation of African Refugees,

  1. FULLY ENDORSES the Report and Recommendations by the 1979 Arusha Conferences on the situation of refugees in Africa;

  1. CALLS UPON OAU Member States concerned to enact amnesty, law and/or proclamations in order to facilitate voluntary repatriation of African Refugees;

  1. CALLS UPON all Member States to refrain from taking measures that would aggravate the refugee problem;

  1. URGES all OAU Member States to consider ways and means of translating the principle of burden-sharing into action by inter-alia, accepting a number of refugees in their countries;

  1. INVITES the Secretary-General to establish with the assistance and co-operation of the UN and its specialized agencies, an Ad-Hoc working group where mandate will be to study the possibilities and conditions for participation of African States in burden sharing;

  1. REQUESTS the Secretary-General to take urgent and appropriate action to restruct and strengthen the OAU Bureau for Refugees, to enable it assume the responsibilities it has to shoulder, and report to the Thirty-Fourth Ordinary Session of the Council on its action taken;

  1. FURTHER INVITES the UN and its specialized agencies, having specific refugee programme, as well as intergovernmental, international and regional organizations, and voluntary agencies involved in refugee work, to pursue and intensify their activities and programmes in support of African refugees, and to promote effective co-operation among their respective central and field/branch offices, for the benefit of the refugees;

  1. CONGRATULATES the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations for having increased the African membership of the Executive Committee of the Programme of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees;

  1. FURTHER CONGRATULATES the United Nations High Commission for Refugees for the resources it has so far allocated to alleviate problems facing African refugees and appeals to it to sustain and increase its assistance in support of the increased population of African refugees;

  1. REQUESTS the African Group at the United Nations to take necessary measures to ensure that all organizations engaged in refugee word in Africa comply with the OAU 1969 convention on refugees in addition to existing legal instruments on refugees;

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