Resolution on the Transport and Communications Decade in Africa

CM/Res. 738 (XXXIII) Rev. 1



The Council of Ministers of the organization of African Unity meeting in its Thirty- third Ordinary Session in Monrovia, Liberia, from 6 to 20 July 1979;

Aware of the difficulties and the backwardness, experienced in Africa in the field of transport and communication,

Recognizing the urgent need to substantially improve transport and communications infrastructures in Africa,

Aware further of the problems of the least developed countries of the Continent and particularly the landlocked and island countries,

Taking note of resolution 32/160 of the United Nations General Assembly of 19 December 1977 approving the recommendations presented in resolution 291 (XIII) of the Conference of Minister proclaiming a Transport and Communications Decade in African (1978 – 1988).

Recalling Resolution CM/Res. 675 (XXXI) on the United Nations Transport and communications Decade adopted in Khartoum in July 1978;

Commending the results of the Conference of Ministers responsible for transport, communication and planning (9 – 12 May 1979 Addis Ababa) which adopted an overall strategy for the Decade and a programme of investments and action for the first 4 -years phase:

  1. CONGRATULATES the OAU and ECA Secretariats on the work done so far and encourages them to continue their efforts in the preparation of the pledging Conference scheduled for 19 November 1979 in New York and for the implementation of the Decade programme;

  1. REQUESTS Member States to give priority to the projects presented at the Conference of African Ministers of Transport, Communications and Planning and incorporate these programmes into their national development plans;

  1. APPEALS to Member States that in the implementation of the Decade Programme and Plan of Action to take special account of the least developed island and landlocked countries;

  1. INVITES the United Nations Secretary-General to have the necessary measured to be taken to ensure the success of the pledging Conference scheduled for 19 November 1979 in New York;

  1. APPEALS to the International Community of Financial Institutions to take into consideration the serious problems that the Continent of African is facing in improving its transport and communications system.

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