Resolution on the Renegotiation of the ACP/EEC Lome Convention

CM/Res. 747(XXXIII) Rev. 1


The Council of Ministers of the organization of African Unity meeting in its Thirty-third Ordinary Session in Monrovia, Liberia, from 6 to 20 July 1979;

Having examined with interest the excellent report submitted by H.E. Mr. M.V. Bagadou, Togo’s Ambassador to Brussels and Chairman of the OAU Group in Brussels , on the renegotiation of the ECP/EEC Lome Convention;

Considering that an Extra-ordinary meeting of the Ministers of ECP countries will be held in Monrovia, Liberia on 28 July 1979 to assess the outcome of the renegotiations;

Recalling Resolution 673 (XXXI) adopted by the Fifteenth OAU Summit Conference on the renegotiation of the ECP/EEC Lome Convention;

Considering the relevant resolutions of the UN General Assembly especially resolutions 3201 and 3202 (S-VI) relating to the establishment of the new International Economic Order, 3201 (XXIX) relating to the Charter of Economic Rights and Duties of States, 3302 (S-VII) on International Economic Development and Cooperation;

Deploring the unsatisfactory results obtained at UNCTAD in Manila, Philippines;

Considering the international economic crisis and particularly the difficult situation prevailing in most of the developing countries;

  1. TAKES NOTE of the report on the re-negotiations of the ACP/EEC Lome Convention presented by the Chairman of the OAU Group in Brussels;

  1. CONGRATULATES the Chairman of the OAU Group in Brussels on his report;

  1. NOTE WITH REGRET that the new Lome Convention did not adequately take into consideration some major preoccupations of the ECP countries;

  1. NOTES however that some essential sections of the Lome Convention were improved, pursuant to Resolution 673 (XXXI) and that new areas of ACP/EEC co-operation had been considered and concrete actions and measures will be taken in accordance with Resolution 673(XXXI);

  1. STRONGLY NOTES that in the implementation of the Second Convention, special priority would be given to the least developed land-locked and island ACP countries;

  1. REQUESTS the European Economic Community and ACP countries to take the necessary measures to establish within a reasonable time limit an Industrial Co- operation Fund for the benefit of ACP countries;

  1. CALLS UPON the ACP countries to maintain and strengthen their unity, and solidarity and expand their programmes of concrete actions within the framework of co-operation among ACP countries;

  1. STRONGLY APPEALS to ECP/EEC countries to give a last touch to the final text of the new Lome Convention and speed up its signature and ratification;

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