Resolution on UNCTAD V

CM/Res. 751(XXXIII) Rev. 1


The Council of Ministers of the organization of African Unity meeting in its Thirty- third Ordinary Session in Monrovia, Liberia, from 6 to 20 July 1979;

Taking note of with appreciation the Secretary-General’s Report on UNCTAD V contained in document CM/984 (XXXIII)’

Deeply concerned at the present deadlock in the North-South Dialogue;

Considering Resolution 546(XIV) adopted by the XIVth Session of the UN Economic Commission for Africa on the Fifth Session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development which inter alia calls for the evaluation of the results of UNCTAD V;

  1. EXPRESSES SATISFACTION with the spirit of solidarity and co-operation which prevailed in the African Group throughout the Session;

  1. VIEWS WITH DEEP CONCERN the marked failure of the Fifth Session of UNCTAD with regard to the majority of the fundamental topics before the Conference and particularly on the problem of structural change whose importance in the establishment if a New International Economic Order cannot the over-emphasized;

  1. TAKES NOTE WITH SATISFACTION of steps being taken jointly by OAU and ECA to convene the meeting of African Ministers of Trade and other concerned Ministers to this end in the first quarter of 1980;

  1. EMPHASES the urgent need for Member States, on the basis of this evaluation, to work out an African strategy based on self-reliance and aimed at promoting horizontal co-operation as laid down in the Arusha Programmes for collective Self-reliance;

  1. URGES developing countries to implement relevant United Nations General Assembly Resolutions for the establishing of a New International Economic Order;

  1. REQUESTS the UNCTAD Secretary-General to assist in the implementation of the Resolutions adopted during UNCTAD V as soon as possible.

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