Resolution the OAU Scale of Assessment of Contributions

CM/Res. 764(XXXIII) Rev. 1


The Council of Ministers of the organization of African Unity meeting in its Thirty- third Ordinary Session in Monrovia, Liberia, from 6 to 20 July 1979;

Recalling its resolution CM/Res. 688 (XXXII) by which it appointed and Ad Hoc committee to review the OAU Scale of Assessment of contributions;

Having considered the report contained in document CM/992 (XXXIII) of the Ad Hoc Committee;

Recalling that some Member States may face adverse situations preventing them from paying their contributions to the budget of the Organization

  1. WARMLY CONGRATULATED the Ad Hoc Committee for the excellent work done in close cooperation with the OAU General Secretariat;

  1. REAFFIRMS its decision taken at its 6th Session in February 1966 fixing the floor and ceiling of contributions at 0.5 and 10 per cent respectively of the total budget;

  1. DECIDES that the percentage of the contributions of Member States exceeding the ceiling should be redistributed among Member States whose contributions fall below the floor or the ceiling;

  1. ADOPTS temporarily the method of calculating the percentage of contributions proposed by the Ad Hoc Committee in Document CM/992 (XXXIII) and recommends that the Committee undertake a more detailed study of the method assessing contributions while paying special attention to economic factors including the GDP and the need to ensure a more equitable distribution of the obligations to the budget among Member States, in the light of the data provided by these States;

  1. APPEALS to all member States which disagree with the GDP figures provided by the United Nations to submit to the AOU Secretary-General their real figures before February 1980;

  1. DECIDES that in the event of the Council of Ministers authorizing a Member State be exempted from paying its contribution to the budget of the OAU following an adverse situation seriously affecting its ability to contribute, the amount involved will be deducted from the OAU Special Fund;

  1. URGES the Secretary-General concerning contributions still due by certain States particularly effected by the existing formula to re-examine with the states the sum of their contributions by adjusting them from now on;

  1. REQUESTS the Secretary-General and the Advisory Committee for Budgetary and Financial Matters to look into ways and means of cutting down the size of the budget especially the Chapter relating to meetings;

  1. FURTHER URGES the Secretary-General to take steps to clear any ambiguity in the interpretation of Article 23 of the Charter whose English and French texts seem to lend themselves to conflicting interpretations.

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