Southern Rhodesia

CM/Res. 14 (II)


The Council of Ministers meeting in its Second Extraordinary Session in Lagos, Nigeria, from 24 to 29 February 1964,

Recalling the resolutions on Southern Rhodesia adopted at the Addis Ababa Conference of Heads of State and Government held in May 1963,

Having noted with grave concern the critical and explosive situation prevailing in Southern Rhodesia where a minority white settler government has been imposed upon the African peoples against their wishes,

Convinced that this situation constitutes a threat to the solidarity and peace of African and the world.


CALLS on the British Government to:

  1. PREVENT effectively the threat of unilateral independence or subtle assumption of power by the minority settler regime in Southern Rhodesia;

  1. CONVENE, without any further delay, a fully representative Constitutional Conference of all political parties in Southern Rhodesia to decide on the granting of immediate independence to Southern Rhodesia on the basis on “one man, one vote”;

  1. TAKE immediate steps to end the present explosive political situation in Southern Rhodesia;


  1. RECOMMEND to Member States of the Organization of African Unity to reconsider their diplomatic and other relations with Britain should the British Government ignore the above recommendations.


  1. CALL on the Liberation Committee of the Organization of African Unity to strengthen its support to the courageous African nationalists in order that they may intensify the struggle and carry it to its logical conclusion namely, independence based on the principle of “one man, one vote”;

  1. REQUEST the African Group at the United Nations, with the help of the Asian and other interested groups, to take appropriate diplomatic measures to ensure that the British Government implement, without delay, past United Nations resolutions on Southern Rhodesia.

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