Committee of Nine

CM/Res. 15 (II)


The Council of Ministers meeting in its Second Extraordinary Session in Lagos, Nigeria, from 24 to 29 February 1964,

Having considered the report of the Committee of Nine,

Aware of the difficulties with which the Committee is faced, effective,

Desirous of accelerating the work of this Committee and making it more effective,

  1. EXPRESSES its satisfaction to the committee for the work it has done so far and also its appreciation to the Government of Tanganyika for the facilities it has provided for the Committee;

  1. CALLS on the Committee to take into consideration the suggestions made in the discussions of Committee A of the present session of the Council of Ministers, particularly those concerning the careful allocation of funds to the liberation fronts and to the manner in which those funds are to be administered;

  1. URGES all members of the Organization of African Unity to make their financial contributions to the Special Fund and to offer any suggestions they may have to the Committee.

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