Border Dispute Between Ethiopia and Somalia

CM/Res. 16 (II)


The Council of Ministers meeting in its Second Extraordinary Session in Lagos, Nigeria, from 24 to 29 February 1964,

Having considered the question of peaceful settlement of the border dispute between Ethiopia and Somalia,

Having heard the statements of the delegations of Ethiopia and Somalia on the present position with regard to the border dispute between these two countries,

Recalling resolution ECM/Res. 3 (II) adopted by the Council of Ministers at its Second Extra-ordinary Session held in Dar-es-Salaam from 12 to 15 February 1964,

Congratulating the Governments of Ethiopia and Somalia for having immediately ordered a ceasefire,

Noting with satisfaction that an atmosphere of brotherly détente has been established between the two countries, thus facilitating a peaceful and lasting solution in accordance with paragraph 4, of Article III of the charter of OAU,

Anxious to consolidate the progress thus made in the prost of such a peaceful solution.

  1. CONFIRMS resolution ECM/Res. 3 (II) of 15 February 1964 including operative

paragraphs 1,2,3 and 4,

  1. REQUESTS the Governments of Ethiopia and Somalia to maintain the ceasefire which was ordered and the discontinuation of hostilities which intervened, and to refrain from any action which may compromise the ceasefire;

  1. REQUESTS the Government of Ethiopia and Somalia, in accordance with paragraph 4 of Article III of the Charter as well as operative paragraph 3 of resolution ECM/Res. 3 (II) of 15 February 1964, to open as soon as possible direct

negotiations, with due respect to paragraph 3 of Article III of the Charter, with a view to reaching a peaceful solution of the long-standing border dispute;

  1. REQUESTS them to make every effort towards full implementation of this resolution and to report on the result of their negotiations to the next Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the Organization of African Unity.

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