Border Dispute Beween Algeria and Morocco

CM/Res. 18 (II)


The Council of Ministers meeting in its Second Extraordinary Session in Lagos, Nigeria, from 24 to 29 February 1964,

Having heard the statements of the representatives of Algeria and Morocco concerning the present state of relationships between the two countries,

Having heard further the progress report submitted by the Chairman of the Ad-Hoc Commission on the Algero-Moroccan border dispute,

  1. NOTES the report of the Commission, contained in document CM/20;

  1. EXPRESSES its satisfaction with the work accomplished by the Ad-Hoc Commission;

  1. PAYS as warm tribute to the four Heads of State who met at Bamako for their efforts to find a peaceful solution within an African framework;

  1. EXPRESSES its congratulations to the Ceasefire Commission for the results obtained;

  1. RECOMMENDS the establishment of direct contacts between the Ad-Hoc Commission and the Ceasefire Commission.

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