Southern Rhodesia

CM/Res. 33 (III)


The Council of Minister meeting in its Third Ordinary Session in Cairo, U.A.R., from 13 to 17 July 1964,

Recalling the Resolution on Decolonization adopted by the Conference of Heads of State and Government in Addis Ababa, in May 1963, and Resolution CM/Res. 14 (II) adopted by the Council at its Second Session in Lagos,

Recalling further the resolutions adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on the question of Southern Rhodesia,

Deeply concerned over the continued deterioration of the situation in Southern Rhodesia resulting from the increasingly repressive measures being applied by the racist, minority government of European settlers,

Noting with satisfaction the stand taken by the leaders of the African Member States of the Commonwealth at the 13th Conference of Commonwealth Presidents and Prime Ministers held in London, July 1964,

Noting further the final communiqué issued by the Conference on the question of Southern Rhodesia,

Having examined the report of the African Group at the United Nations, submitted in response to Resolution CM/Res. 14 (II) of the Council of Ministers to take appropriate diplomatic measures to ensure that the British Government implement, without delay, resolutions of the United Nations on Southern Rhodesia,

Recommends to the First session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government


  1. African States take a vigorous stand against a Declaration of Independence of Southern Rhodesia by a European, minority government and pledge themselves to take appropriate measures, including the recognition and support of an African nationalist government in exile should such an eventuality arise;

  1. The African Group at the United Nations examine further measures to be taken in the event of declaration of independence by the European minority government and submit a report to the Council;

  1. The United Kingdom be called upon to convene immediately a constitutional conference in which representatives of all political groups in Southern Rhodesia would participate with a view to preparing a new and democratic constitution ensuring majority rule on the basis of “one man, one vote”;

  1. A call be made for the immediate release of Joshua N’Komo the Rev. Ndabininge Sithole and all other political prisoners and detainees;

  1. The Foreign Ministers of and assis ted by the African Group at the United Nations be entrusted with the task of presenting the problem of Southern Rhodesia at the appropriate time before the Security Council;

  1. The Governments of and offer their good offices to the nationalist parties in Southern Rhodesia so as to bring about a united front of all the liberation movements for the rapid attainment of their common objective of independence;

  1. The African Nationalist movements in Southern Rhodesia be called upon to intensify their struggle for immediate independence.

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