Resolution on the Problem of Refugees in Africa

CM/Res. 149 (XI)



The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity, meeting in its Eleventh Ordinary Session in Algiers, Algeria, from 4 to 12 September 1968,

Recalling resolutions AHG/Res.26 (II), AHG/Res. 27 (II), CM/Res. 19 (II), CM/Res. 52 (IV), CM/Res. 88 (VII) and particularly resolution CM/Res. 104 (IX) of September 1967,

Aware of the gravity and the importance of the problem of refugees in Africa, Desirous of achieving an African solution to this problem,

Recognizing the essentially humanitarian nature of the problem and anxious to adopt measures to improve the living conditions of the refugees and to help them lead a normal life,

Convinced that Africa cannot solve this distressing problem alone without the assistance of the international community,

Taking note of the report of the OAU Ad Hoc Commission on the problem of Refugees, which met in Addis Ababa from 17 to 22 June 1968, and of the report of the Administrative Secretary- General on the work of the Bureau for the Placement and Education of Refugees,

Taking into consideration the desire expressed by certain Member States, which have not had the opportunity of having the draft Convention on the Problem of Refugees in Africa studied by their competent authorities,

  1. REQUESTS Member States, who have not yet done so, to communicate to the General Secretariat before 15 December 1968 their comments on the OAU draft Convention on the Problem of Refugees, which Convention is actually in their possession;

  1. DECIDES to study the draft Convention at its next session and, to this end, invites Member States to take all appropriate steps;

  1. REQUESTS Member States, which have not yet done so to accede to the 1951 United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and to the 1967 Protocol, and to apply their provisions to refugees in Africa, in accordance with the terms of resolution CM/Res. 104 (IX);

  1. CALLS UPON Member States to co-operate fully with the Bureau for the Placement and Education of Refugees by giving it all the assistance it requires;

  1. CONGRATULATES the United Nations High Commissioner for his particularly positive concern for African refugees and expresses the hope that United Nations action may be strengthened with a view to reaching a satisfactory solution to the problem;

  1. EXPRESSES its gratitude to the specialized agencies and humanitarian organizations which are extending their generous aid to refugees in Africa.

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