S T R C Activities

CM/Res. 295 (XX)


The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity, meeting in its Twentieth Ordinary Session in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia form 5 to 9 February 1973,

Appreciative of the excellent work of the Panels of Scientific Committees recorded in the Administrative Secretary Generals Report on the Executive Secretariat of the Scientific, Technical and Research Commission (STRC),

Aware of the need to encourage the work of all scientific Committees, the Technical Bureaus and the field projects of the Scientific, Technical and Research Commission,

Conscious of the need for the application of science and technology to development in Africa, REQUESTS

  1. that the field projects be continued and external aid be sought by the Secretariat to assist their execution where necessary;

  1. that OAU Member States continue to co-operate with the Secretariat in its various scientific programmes in the field of Cartography, Maps and surveys; particularly the need to set up a training center for training surveyors and cartographers in Africa, and

  1. that research in low-cost housing and maximum use of local materials be encouraged by all OAU States;

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