Resolution on Zimbabwe

CM/Res.298 (XXI)


The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity meeting in its Twenty first Ordinary Session in Addis Ababa from 17 – 24 May 1973,

Having considered the chapter of the report of the Administrative Secretary General on the situation in Zimbabwe (CM/502 part II) and taking into account the information on the latest development of the situation and the views expressed by the representatives of the liberation movements of Zimbabwe,

Noting with satisfaction the acceleration of the armed struggle and the growing and active involvement of the rural masses of Zimbabwe in this struggle,

Deploring the failure of the Government of Great Britain, as administering power, to take effective measures to put an end to the illegal regime of Smith and condemning the recent perfidious manoeuvres of this regime to reverse the massive rejection of the Anglo smith settlement proposals,

Noting with concern that the mandatory sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council against Rhodesia are persistently being violated by a number of States, including UN Member States, in particular by the Government of the United States of America,

Noting with satisfaction the recent moves for the closing of the ranks of the liberation forces in Zimbabwe which resulted in the agreement concluded between ZAPU and ZANU in Lusaka in March 1973,

Recalling the Programme of Action relating to the question of Zimbabwe adopted at the Oslo International Conference in support of the victims of colonialism and apartheid,

Further recalling its previous resolutions and decision on the question of Zimbabwe,

  1. REAFFIRMS its total and unconditional support for and solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe in their legitimate struggle for national independence on the basis of majority rule;

  1. STRONGLY CONDEMNS the Government of Great Britain, the administering power, for its continued refusal to bring to an end the illegal minority regime;

  1. CONDEMNS the imposition of apartheid measures in Zimbabwe by the illegal minority Smith regime and its manoeuvers to reverse the massive rejection by the people of Zimbabwe of the Anglo Rhodesian settlement proposals;

  1. CALLS UPON all those States and in particular the USA to put an immediate end to their flagrant violations of the UN Security Council resolutions on economic sanctions against Rhodesia in accordance with their obligations under Act. 25 of the UN Charter;

  1. FURTHER CALLS UPON the Security Council to effectively intensify and enforce sanctions against rebel Rhodesia by including all measures envisaged under Article 41 of the Charter and by the imposition of a blockade against South Africa and Portugal for their deliberate violations of these sanctions and their massive military and financial support to the illegal rebel regime of Rhodesia;

  1. NOTES with satisfaction the Lusaka Agreement between ZANU and ZAPU on the Strategy for the Liberation of Zimbabwe;

  1. APPEALS to all States to further increase their material, financial and moral support to the National Liberation Movement of Zimbabwe either directly or through the OAU;

  2. PLEDGES continued support for and solidarity with all the front line States, particularly Zambia, which are subjected to constant economic and military provocations from the minority racist regimes of Southern Africa;

  1. CALLS UPON all Member States to encourage the dissemination of accurate and authentic information on the development of the struggle in Zimbabwe and take the appropriate political and diplomatic action with a view to totally isolating the rebel regime of Smith.

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