Resolution on the Problem of Drought in West Africa


The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity meeting in its Twenty First Ordinary Session in Addis Ababa from 17 – 24 May 1973,

Noting with deepest concern the persistent food production shortages in the Sudano - Sahelian countries of Africa as a result of the drought which has prevailed there for several years,

Noting with the same anxiety the present difficult food situation, owing to the fact that food reserves are at their lowest level for 20 years and that meeting the needs of millions of persons is dependent on the capricious atmospheric conditions that occur each year,

URGENTLY APPEALS to the Governing Council of UNDP and to its Director of Programmes, to the specialized agencies and, more particularly, to IBRD, IMF, ECA, FAO, UNESCO, WHO IAEA, UNCTAD, UNICEF, (FISE), the ILO, the World Food

Programme and the Co-ordinator of Relief Operations, in cases of catastrophe, to give all possible assistance, within the framework of their respective programmes and in liaison with the Co-ordinator of Relief Operations, to the governments of countries in this region, to enable them meet their middle term and long term requirements;

STRESSES that the urgent measures called for immediately include the supply of vaccines, means of transport for the conveyance of food supplies, seeds, fertilizers, agricultural machinery and hydraulic equipment;

URGES once more that all Member States should give adequate support to th e OAU programme to establish regional food reserves in Africa, which would help to provide an insurance against situations of this kind.

APPEALS to member States of the United Nations and to international organizations to assist in rapid application of the urgent measures advocated by the Director of FAO;

APPRECIATES with satisfaction the appeal in this regard to governments of Member States by the current Chairman H.M. Hassan II King of Morocco.

NOTES with satisfaction the assistance already given by these States and international organizations, as well as the shipments of foodstuffs sent by the governments of OAU member States.

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