Resolution on the Second Ordinary Session of African Ministers of Maritime Transport

CM/Res.1284 (LII)


The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity, meeting in its Fifty- second Ordinary Session in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 3 to 8 July 1990,

Having considered Document CM/1614 (LII) on the conclusions of the deliberations of the Second Session of the African Ministers of Maritime Transport,

Recalling the ultimate goal of the Lagos Plan of Action and Final Act as well as Africa’s Priority Program for Economic Recovery,

Recalling further its Resolutions CM/Res.1169 (XLVIII) on the Development of Maritime Transport in Africa and CM/Res.1227 (L) on the outcome of the First Special Session of the Conference of African Ministers of maritime Transport,

Convinced that the development of maritime industry and economy in Africa is an essential factor to the overall socio-economic development of the continent,

Recognizing that the United Nations Convention on a Code of Conduct for Liner Conferences has contributed considerably to promoting the development of the sub-sector of maritime transport in Africa,

Reaffirming the importance that Africa attaches to the Code of Conduct for Liner Conferences and the Review Conference on the Convention on the Code,

Considering that close economic relations between the countries of the European Economic Community (EEC) and the African countries should be based on equitable principles and practices enabling each group of partners to derive genuine benefit there from,

Convinced that only cooperation among African economies including among others, the harmonization of maritime policies and legislation can safeguard the maritime interests of Africa in a world dominated by unfair and inequitable competition,

Convinced further that the Conference of Ministers of Maritime Transport is the appropriate forum for the formulation and adoption of such continental maritime policies and legislations:

  1. ADOPTS the conclusions of the Second Session of the Conference of Ministers of Maritime Transport;

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  1. ENDORSES Resolutions MT/MIN/Res.5 (II), MT/MIN/Res.6 (II) and MT/MIN/Res.7 (II) adopted by the Conference;

  1. RECOMMENDS that the Assembly of Heads of State and Government adopt the draft amendments to the United Nations Convention on a Code of Conduct for Liner Conferences;

  1. EARNESTLY REQUESTS all Member States to apply all the resolutions of the first two sessions of the Conference of Ministers of Maritime Transport and take all appropriate measures to safeguard the continent’s collective maritime interests;

  1. APPEALS to Groups B, D, Asia, Latin America and China to take into consideration, the peculiar economic situation of the African continent in their relations with African countries;

  1. FURTHER APPEALS URGENTLY to the EEC countries to resume negotiations with their ACP partners, in particular, the African States, with a view to establishing a mechanism in the field of maritime transport that would ensure a more rapid and sustained development of maritime industry and economy in the ACP countries, particularly in Africa, by allowing them, inter- alias, to increase their participation in the carriage of the cargo generated by their foreign trade;

  1. REQUESTS the Secretary-General of the OAU in cooperation with African regional maritime organizations and the concerned UN Organizations to undertake all the necessary studies with a view to assisting Member States in harmonizing their maritime policies and regulations;

  1. CALLS UPON the Secretary-General of the OAU to take into account, the interests of African land-locked countries in the studies to be carried out was well as in the negotiations and consultations to be conducted with all the concerned parties;

  1. REQUESTS the Secretary-General to submit a report to its Fifty-fourth Ordinary Session on the implementation of this resolution.

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