Sierra Leone

CM/Dec.356 (LXVI)



  1. STRONGLY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY CONDEMNS, the coup d’etat which took place in Sierra Leone on 25 May, 1997; and CALLS for the immediate restoration of constitutional order;

  1. CALLS ON all African countries, and the International Community at large, to refrain from recognizing the new regime and lending support in any form whatsoever to the perpetrators of the coup d'etat;

  2. APPEALS to the leaders of ECOWAS to assist the people of Sierra Leone to restore constitutional order to the country; and CALLS FOR the support of other African countries and the International Community at large, in that regard;

  3. UNDERLINES the imperative need to implement the Abidjan Agreement which continues to serve as a viable framework for peace, stability and reconciliation in Sierra Leone.

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