Decision on Contributions

DOC.EX.CL/337 (XI)

The Executive Council:

1. TAKES NOTE of the report of the Permanent Representatives’ Committee’s (PRC) Sub-Committee on Contributions by Member States;

2. AUTHORIZES that the sanctions imposed on Burundi and Sierra Leone remain temporarily lifted since they have respected their payment schedules;

3. TAKES NOTE of the fact that Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Central Africa Republic have cleared their arrears up to the year 2004 and have partially paid for the year 2005, thus taking them out of sanctions;

4. DECIDES that the following Member States shall remain under sanction since they are in arrears of contributions for more than two (2) years:

i) Cape Verde

ii) Democratic Republic of Congo

iii) Eritrea

iv) Sao Tome and Principe

v) Seychelles

5. URGES Cape Verde to present its repayment schedule to the Sub- Committee on Contributions for consideration and REQUESTS the PRC to make appropriate recommendations to the next ordinary session of Council scheduled for January 2008;

6. REQUESTS the Commission to expedite the elaboration of proposals on the treatment of countries emerging from conflicts with regard to the payment of their arrears and assessed contributions.

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