Decions on the Establishment of the Pan African University



Doc. EX.CL/579(XVII)

The Executive Council,

1. TAKES NOTE of the progress achieved towards the establishment of the Pan African University;

2. RECOMMENDS to the Assembly the creation of the Pan African University, in accordance with the model proposed by the Commission;

3. FURTHER RECOMMENDS to the Assembly, the allocation of the thematic areas to the following regions and countries:

i) West Africa: Nigeria for Life and Earth Sciences;

ii) Eastern Africa: Kenya for Basic Sciences, Technology and Innovation;

iii) Central Africa: Cameroon for Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences

4. URGES the Southern and Northern regions to finalise consultations and nominate the countries with the capacity to host the thematic areas of Space Sciences and Water and Energy Sciences including Climate Change Institutes, respectively by the next Ordinary Session scheduled for January/February 2011 for consideration and adoption by the Assembly through the Executive Council;

5. REQUESTS the Commission to finalize the Statutes of the Pan African University and to submit it, in conformity with the established rules and procedures, to the Assembly through the Executive Council in January 2011 for consideration.

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