Decision by the AD-HOC Ministerial Committee on the Scale of Assessment

Doc. EX.CL/776(XXII)

The Executive Council,

1. TAKES NOTE of the Report of the Ad-hoc Ministerial Committee on the review of the scale of assessments;

2. DECIDES to endorse the recommendations of the Ministerial Committee as follows:

i) The new scale of assessments will be based on a maximum rate (ceiling) of

12.898 per cent without the imposition of a minimum (floor) rate;

ii) The new scale will be adopted in principle for the 3-year financial years 2014, 2015 and 2016;

iii) When data for 2011 become available, the scale will be revisited in order to incorporate the updated data.

3. APPLAUDS the Government of Libya for accepting to continue paying contributions above its capacity to pay for the approved scale, pending the filing of its formal representation and the next review of the scale;

4. ENCOURAGES Member States which have the capacity to and who are able to pay over and above their assessed contributions to do so;

5. ADOPTS the new AU Scale of Assessments;

6. ENDORSES the recommendation that the Republic of South Sudan be assessed at 0.599 per cent with effect from January 2012;

7. AGREES that the assessed contribution of the Republic of Sudan should be fixed temporarily at 2% with effect from January 2012, pending a new proposal based on the findings of consultants mandated by the AU Commission after contacts with the Sudanese Authorities, the evaluation report of which will be considered by the next Council session;

8. REQUESTS the PRC Sub-Committee to review the statutory contributions of some small island states taking into account their vulnerability, and make proposals and recommendations to the next Session of Council. The review should be towards proposing a minimum amount to be paid by Member States in arrears of contributions to avoid sanctions;

9. URGES Member States to promptly pay their assessed contributions.

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