Decision on Alternative Sources of Funding the African Union


The Executive Council,

1. TAKES NOTE of the Decision Assembly/AU/Dec.431(XIX) requesting the Commission to undertake a comprehensive study of all options to provide quantifiable data on the expected impact on all Member States to enable the High-Level Panel to make definitive recommendations;

2. ACKNOWLEGDES the ongoing efforts undertaken by the Commission to effectively implement the July 2012 Decision and submit the interim report to the Panel and subsequently to Ministers of Finance in March 2013;

3. TAKES NOTE of the importance of the need for the Panel Members to pursue consultations and advocacy work and report to the Conference of Ministers and subsequently to the Heads of State and Government;

4. REQUESTS the Commission to utilize the unexpended sum of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars($150,000) from the 2012 programme budget to complete this activity to enable the 21st Ordinary Session of the Assembly in May 2013 to provide the final observation and position on the alternative source of funding;

5. MANDATES the PRC to consider and authorize the use of the remaining funds.

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