AfricanLII develops and maintains a Drupal packaged distribution that powers up standards-based free and open access legal information websites in Africa.

The LII-in-a-Box is intended to serve all those projects and institutions, who wish to publish the law they produce or collect for publication for free online access.

Courts, custodians of legislation (Parliament, Attorney General’s offices), law reform commissions, external institutions or projects that collect legal information from the producers and consolidate it into one platform can all benefit from the LII-in-a-Box.


LII-in-a-Box is currently used by:

  • The Juciairies of Lesotho, Swaziland, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, the Seychelles and Sierra Leone
  • The Namibia Law Reform and Development Commission
  • Various non-profit institutions and individuals publishing law in Africa

The LII-in-a-Box gives:

  1. Consumers of free legal information with a satisfactory and predictable user experience on desktop and mobile devices, based on industry standards for legal information publishing

  2. System administrators with an easy and quick to set-up and maintain, no-cost, Drupal distribution for legal information publishing

  3. Content editors of free and open access to law websites with a convenient editing back office interface that provides a set of custom-developed features that enable efficient upload and management of legal information.

LII-in-a-Box delivers legal information on the web, off-line (updatable), and via an Android app.  It currently powers 15 African LII websites, as well as Paralegal Pocket Law - South Africa.

You can install your own LII-in-a-Box website by downloading the code here:  

AfricanLII offers LII-in-a-Box cloud hosting, maintenance and development. 

A very detailed functional spec is available here but note, the system is constantly evolving and some features have not been described.