Statute of the African Scientific Research and Innovation Council (ASRIC)

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Statute of the African Scientific Research and Innovation Council (ASRIC)

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  • Commenced on 31 January 2016
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We, Member States of the African Union:GUIDED by the objectives and principles enshrined in the Constitutive Act of the African Union that underscores the importance of science, technology and innovation as a tool for socio-economic transformation;RECALLING Decision EX.CL/Dec.254 (VIII) adopted by the Executive Council endorsing the Africa’s Science and Technology Consolidated Plan of Action (CPA);NOTING the review process of the CPA that resulted in a ten-year incremental Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy that responds to the continental development challenges;FURTHER RECALLING Decision Ex.CL/Dec.747 (XXI!) and Decision Ex/CL/Dec.216 (VII) adopted by the Executive Council on the establishment of the African Research and Innovation Council as the institutional setting for the implementation of Africa Science, Technology and Innovation Agenda; andRECOGNIZING the role such a council would play in promoting scientific research and innovation in Africa;HAVE AGREED AS FOLLOWS:

Article 1 – Definitions

In this Statute:"ASRIC" means African Scientific Research and Innovation Council;"Assembly" means Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union;"AU" or "Union" means the African Union established by the Constitutive Act of the African Union;"AU-STRC" means the African Union Scientific, Technical and Research Commission;"Commission" means the African Union Commission as established by the Constitutive Act of the African Union;"Congress" means the General Conference of ASRIC as established by Article 5 of this Statute;"Member States" means Member States of the African Union;"RECs" means Regional Economic Communities recognized by the African Union;"Secretariat" means the ASRIC Secretariat as established in this Statute;"Scientific Committee" means the committee established in this Statute;"Statute" means the Statute of the African Scientific Research and Innovation Council;"STC" means the African Union Specialized Technical Committee on Education, Science and Technology:"STI" means Science, Technology and Innovation.

Article 2 – Establishment and legal status of ASRIC

1.ASRIC is hereby established as a Specialised Technical Advisory Body of the Commission and shall operate in accordance with the provisions of this Statute.
2.In accordance with Article 8 of this Statute the Secretariat of ASRIC shall be at the Department of Human Resources, Science and Technology (HRST) of the Commission.

Article 3 – Objectives of ASRIC

The Objective of ASRIC shall be to promote scientific research and innovation in order to address the challenges of Africa’s socio-economic development.

Article 4 – Functions of ASRIC

The functions of the ASRIC shall be to:
a)Mobilize African research excellence to advance the African development agenda;
b)Build and sustain a continental scientific, research and innovation­-policy nexus;
c)Mobilize resources to support scientific, research and innovation activities and programmes in accordance with the AU policy in this area;
d)Promote dialogue and provide voice of the scientific community that expresses continental excellence;
e)Advocate for knowledge exchange and technology acquisition and link the scientific community;
f)Support and strengthen the capacity of STI national and regional councils and facilitate collaboration among them;
g)Identify strategies and means to bridge the gap between science, research and innovation and policy; and
h)Promote intra-Africa and international collaboration in STI.

Article 5 – Governance of the ASRIC

The Governance mechanisms of the ASRIC shall comprise of:
a)The Congress;
b)The Bureau of the Congress; and
c)The Secretariat.

Article 6 – The ASRIC Congress

1.The Congress shall direct the overall policies of ASRIC and shall be responsible to the STC.
2.The Congress shall meet once every year in ordinary sessions and may, subject to the availability of resources, hold extraordinary sessions when the need arises.
3.The Congress shall be composed of the following:
a)One (1) National Research Council or other similar Institutions nominated by each Member State;
c)African STI Institutions;
d)Financial institutions of the African Union established under Article 19 of the Constitutive Act;
e)Laureates of the African Union Kwame Nkrumah Scientific awards;
f)Two representatives of the African Diaspora nominated by the Chairperson of the Commission in consultation with ECOSOC;
g)Two representatives of the African STI Civil society nominated by the Chairperson of the Commission;
h)Two representatives of industry from each of the five regions of the AU nominated by the Chairperson of the Commission in consultation with the Chairperson of the Congress; and
i)The Executive Director of the ASRIC as an Ex-officio member.
4.The Congress may invite International STI institutions as may be necessary to participate in its sessions.
5.The voting members of the congress shall be the National Research Councils or other similar Institutions nominated by each Member State.
6.The Congress shall perform the following functions:
a)Direct the overall policies of ASRIC, including formulation and review of the annual ASRIC Work Programmes and approve action plans, funding and resource mobilisation strategies in accordance with the AU policy in this area;
b)Develop its internal guidelines and rules of procedures in line with the relevant AU legal instruments;
c)Elect its Bureau;
d)Define and adopt interdisciplinary programs, approves associated draft budget and produce annual reports to be submitted to the AU Policy organs:
e)Establish strategic partnership with similar global institutions in accordance with AU rules and regulations; and
f)Establish scientific sub-committees and other sub-committees whose functions and responsibilities shall be elaborated in the rules of procedure of ASRIC, as may be proposed by its Bureau.

Article 7 – The Bureau of Congress

1.The Bureau shall be composed of:
b)1st Vice-Chairperson responsible for the Scientific Programme;
c)2nd Vice-Chairperson responsible for Innovation;
d)3rd Vice-Chairperson responsible for Communication; and
e)4th Vice-Chairperson responsible for Resource mobilization.
2.The Executive Director of the Secretariat shall serve as the Secretary of the Bureau.
3.The members of the Bureau shall serve for a non-renewable term of three years.
4.The Bureau shall perform the following functions:
a)Oversee and follow-up the implementation of the decisions of the Congress;
b)Preside over the proceedings of the Congress;
c)Ensure scientific excellence, promote creativity and innovative research for all programs/projects supported by ASRIC;
d)Establish or strengthen networks and associations to implement programs identified by the Congress;
e)Coordinate research activities in Africa; and
f)Develop the terms of references and rules of procedures for ad-hoc Scientific sub-committees.

Article 8 – The ASRIC Secretariat

1.The AU-STRC shall be the Secretariat of the ASRIC.
2.The Executive Director of ASRIC is the Head of the Secretariat.
3.The structure, function and appointment of the staff of the Secretariat shall be in accordance with the AU Staff Regulations and Rules.
4.The Secretariat shall perform the following functions:
a)Provide administrative and secretarial services to ASRIC;
b)Manage the overall activities related to the implementation of the interdisciplinary programs in coordination with the scientific sub-­committees;
c)Prepare and implement the budget of ASRIC and carry out financial programming and resource mobilization in accordance with the AU rules, policies and practice;
d)Establish Pan African platforms connecting institutions, networks, and other actors to strengthen synergies and scientific knowledge exchange;
e)Administer calls and grants that address the priority areas identified by the Congress;
f)Promote the establishment of strategic partnerships, and advance Africa’s positions in international negotiations on research matters such as research ethics, integrity and open-access to publications; and
g)Perform any other functions to ensure the smooth running of ASRIC.

Article 9 – Budget

1.The budget of the ASRIC shall be within the AU budget.
2.In addition to the regular AU budget, other sources of funding ASRIC may include:
a)Voluntary contributions from AU Member States and partners;
b)Contributions from Development Partners of the Union and the Commission;
c)Contributions from the Private Sector;
d)National and regional financial institutions and other financing mechanisms;
e)AU Science, Technology and Innovation Fund when established; and
f)Any other source of funding in accordance with AU Rules.
3.The budget calendar of the ASRIC shall be that of the Union.

Article 10 – Working languages

The working languages of the ASRIC shall be those of the Union.

Article 11 – Amendments

1.The present Statute may be amended upon the recommendation of the STC.
2.The amendments shall come into effect upon their adoption by the Assembly.

Article 12 – Entry into force

The present Statute shall enter into force upon its adoption by the Assembly.
Adopted by the Twenty-Sixth Ordinary Session of the Assembly, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia31 January 2016
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