Decision on Appointment of AU Commissioners



The Assembly:

1. TAKES NOTE of the election by the Executive Council of the AU Commissioners;

2. APPOINTS the following persons as members of the Commission of the African Union:

a) Ambassador Said Djinnit (Algeria) - Peace and Security Portfolio.

b) Mrs Julia Dolly JOINER (The Gambia) - Political Affairs Portfolio.

c) Mr. Bernard ZOBA (Congo) - Infrastructure and Energy Portfolio.

d) Ms Philomena B. GAWANAS (Namibia) - Social Affairs Portfolio.

e) Mrs. Saida AGREBI (Tunisia) - Human Resources, Science and Technology Portfolio.

f) Ms Elizabeth TANKEU (Cameroon) - Trade and Industry Portfolio.

g) Ms. Rosebud KURWIJILA (Tanzania) - Rural Economy and Agriculture Portfolio.

3. CONGRATULATES the newly elected Commissioners of the African Union.

4. DECIDES that the Commissioner for Economic Affairs Portfolio be elected in February 2004 for male candidates from Southern Region.

5. AUTHORIZES the Executive Council to elect and appoint the Commissioner for Economic Affairs Portfolio during its 4th Ordinary Session and to report to the 3rd Ordinary Session of the Assembly.

6. DECIDES that the elected Commissioners who did not take the Oath of Office during the Assembfy do so before the Chairperson of the Commission.

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