Copyright, Open Access & Scholarly Publishing Webinars (December 2020)

  1. Webinar on Copyright, Open Source, Predatory Publishing, Access for People with Disabilities and Creators, etc.   4th and 7th December 2020
  2. Webinar on “Challenging Questionable Publication Practices: Strategies and Solutions” – 10th December 2020

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Intellectual Property

COVID-19 prompts calls for library-friendly copyright laws

US: Archivists’ Victory over Overbroad Copyright Claim

Copyright Limits and Learning: Lessons from The Covid-19 Quarantine

Balanced Copyright in RCEP

Wealthy countries block COVID-19 drugs rights waiver at WTO – sources

Over 100 civil society organisations call on the European Parliament to support COVID-19 WTO waiver proposal

15 Years and a Pandemic Later: Are We There Yet?

A Doha Declaration for Covid-19? Professor Calls for Positive Agenda at WIPO SCCR


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Good News: Academics Can Make Their Articles Published In Top Journal Nature Freely Available As Open Access. Bad News: They Must Pay $11,000 For Each One

How Controlled Digital Lending Makes an Entire College Library Available to Everyone Everywhere

The Potential Role of Open Data In Mitigating The COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges And Opportunities

New EU open peer review system stirs debate

Fiddle: a tool to combat publication bias by getting research out of the file drawer and into the scientific community

Guided Open Access

Gold Open Access research has greater societal impact as used more outside of academia

The State of Open Data 2020

New project to review progress on transformative Open Access agreements between library consortia and smaller independent publishers

Openness and Licensing

Creative Commons Certificate for Educators and Librarians

Open Science Training Book