Intellectual Property:

Information and Clarifications Concerning WIPO’s Technical Assistance Programs

IFLA signs civil society statement on exceptions and limitations for education at WIPO meeting

Call to 'move libraries into 21st century' sparks ebook lending review

The Devil is in the Footnotes: Moral Rights and the Beijing Treaty (Audiovisual Performances)


Access issues and Persons with Disabilities

Recent interviews regarding the Treaty for Blind, Visually Impaired and other Reading Disabled Persons at WIPO (TVI)

Melanie Brunson works for the American Council of the Blind (ABC)

José Ramón LÓPEZ DE LEÓN of the Mexico delegation at WIPO SCCR 24

Barbara Martin Muñoz of ONCE

Thomas Ongolo, who works in South Africa for the African Decade for Persons with Disabilities

A representative of the publishers, the delegate from Switzerland, a TACD representative, an advocate from India,

World Blind Union representative and president and a librarian from Canada


 Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Total Impact - Uncover the invisible impacts of your research.

Scientific publishing - Brought to book: Academic journals face a radical shake-up

Towards Open Scholarship

Tracking digital impact: The challenge of evidencing impact

Finding Open Stuff

Curation Techniques, Types and Tips

Elsevier launches new Open Access Journal: Respiratory Medicine Case Reports.


Open Educational Resources (OERS)

10 Sources for Free Textbooks


Traditional Knowledge

African Traditional Knowledge Systems Management: The Struggle between Science and Tradition

WIPO Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge

and Traditional Cultural Expressions 2012 (book)

WIPO Briefs