Intellectual Property:

Most-Read IP-Watch Posts Of 2011 Tell Story Of International IP Policymaking

WIPO SCCR meets on copyright exceptions for disabilities: 17 October 2012

Upcoming events at WIPO 2012



Another Look at Plagiarism

Plagiarism Resources


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Good practices for University Open Access Policies

The LERU Roadmap Towards Open Access

Why Publish in Humanities Directory?

International Relations Program to release open-access research

Images in the Public Domain


Open Educational Resources:

Saylor Foundation (free OERs for college level)


Mobile Technologies & Social Media:

Is Facebook Giving Brands Access to Your Full Social Graph?

12 Tips on How to Keep Safe on Facebook


Conference Alert:

5thInternational Conference Education Research and Education

19-21 November 2012, Madrid, Spain