Intellectual Property:

Time Ticking for WIPO Delegates on Copyright Exception Treaty

WBU Press Release on WIPO Negotiations: A treaty for the blind or for the rights holders?

World Book & Copyright Day  23 April 2013


Traditional Knowledge:

South Africa: Traditional Knowledge

 Sui generis Protection of Traditional Knowledge Bill published in the Gazette

Your chance to comment on the proposed TK Bill:  Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Doing Medical Journals Differently: Open Medicine, Open Access,

and Academic Freedom

Tattoo your data

Anyone can create an e-book

Digital Public Library of America Offers a Wealth of Historical Photos

Mendeley and Elsevier: Here’s more info

College Open Textbooks Community

New Digital Public Library of America Seeks to Increase Accessibility to Treasured Works


Integrity & Plagiarism:

 “What I find offensive is not that they plagiarized us, it’s that they did it so badly”

Plagiarism resources

Integrity: What to do if your academic paper is challenged.


Conference alerts:

Creating Knowledge VII conference

14-16 August 2013 – Lund University, Sweden

International Conference : Centre for Informatics Knowledge Management and Knowledge Economy

28-30 October 2013, Cape Town, South Africa