Freedom of Expression:

Controversial secrecy bill passed (South Africa)


 Intellectual Property:

Bureau Of Economic Analysis Shows Why Copyright Terms Should Be Greatly Diminished

The Copyright Lobotomy: How Intellectual Property Makes Us Pretend To Be Stupid

Universities Face Copyright Action (New Zealand)

EU Parliament Opens The Door to Copyright Repression in TAFTA

International coalition of Internet freedom organizations urges W3C to reject Encrypted Media Extensions, a proposal to build Digital Restrictions Management into the Web

Archives and Copyright: Risk and Reform

Supreme court rules web browsing does not infringe newspapers' copyright (Meltwater and NLA)

New Book On The History Of Music, Copyright And Piracy Shows How Copyright Tends To Hold Back Music

EIFL Resources on Reprographic Rights Organizations (RROs)


Traditional Knowledge:

Traditional Knowledge - Will Wilmot’s Bill Make Law?



Plagiarism Education Week

Plagiarism, Citation and Referencing Resources