Intellectual Property:

Have Europeans Become Less Exhausted After Recent Copyright Decision?


Publishers’ copyright policies and institutional repositories:

521 Publishers allow the final published/branded PDF version to be deposited in an institutional repository


Publishers who allow the postprint (ie final draft post-refereeing manuscript version) (Blue)|,&mode=simple&version=


Publishers who allow the pre-print and postprint versions (Green)-|,&mode=simple&version=


Publishers who only allow the pre-print versions (Yellow) -|,&mode=simple&version=


Publishers who do not support deposits in an institutional repository (White)|,&mode=simple&version=


SHERPA RoMEO Statistics for the 1573 publishers in the RoMEO database:


e-Books and e-Lending:

IFLA launches the 2014 eLending Background Paper


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Benefits of Open Access

Internal Report:  Results of U of S Faculty Survey on Scholarly Communications Behaviours & Needs

Google can't compete with a skilled librarian steeped in information technology,0,1296201.story

Pretoria Schools get Free Wi-Fi

OpenAfrica – Call to Consolidate African Open Network