Intellectual Property:

Copyright and Licensing Incompatibility – part 1

TPP Ministerial Meeting Postponed, But IP Negotiators Meet in Guam With Full Agenda


Net Neutrality:

“Stay With Me”: ISPs Head to Court to Fight New Net Neutrality Rules

Developed Nations Veer Towards Net Neutrality to Promote Openness : TRAI

Parental Controls: Lawless blocking/filtering as part of “net neutrality”?

Net neutrality – is the European Parliament ready to accept complete failure?


Data and Data Management:

PASTEUR4OA/Open Access to Research Data

A map of 240 mouse neurons just hit the internet thanks to Paul Allen's brain institute

Open Source Data Integration –KARMA

Trustworthy Repositories Audit & Certification: Criteria and Checklist

Resources Description & Access (RDA) Toolkit


Conference Alerts:

ISKO UK biennial conference - Knowledge Organization – making a difference

The impact of knowledge organization on society, scholarship and progress

13th – 14th July 2015, London


How can the Library and Information Services profession contribute to the post-2015 sustainable development goals related to women?

11-12 August 2015 – University of South Africa, Pretoria.


IFLA 2015 Pre-Conference in Pretoria, South Africa

August 12-13 2015, Dinokeng Game Reserve, Pretoria, South Africa

Newspaper e-publishing trends - the stewardship role of libraries