Intellectual Property:

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The New York Public Library's Presidents Just Wrote A Beautiful Letter In Support Of Net Neutrality

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A fine red line: when does editing a student’s work become cheating?

How to avoid Plagiarism


Open Science/Open Data:

OECD Science, Technology and Industry Policy Papers

Why are we working so hard to open up science? A personal story.

The science that’s never been cited - Nature investigates how many papers really end up without a single citation.

Making Open Science a Reality (OECD)

The Most Significant Science Setbacks Of 2017

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Open data standards will improve public information


Predatory Publishing Practices:

‘Predatory’ Open Access Journals as Parody: Exposing the Limitations of ‘Legitimate’ Academic Publishing

There Are Now 8,000 Fake Science ‘Journals’ Worldwide, Researchers Say

Junk science publisher ordered to stop ‘deceptive practices’