Intellectual Property:

Why fair use and quotation provisions in SA Copyright Amendment Bill 2017 need to be Open

You still have time to comment on this to the PC on Trade and Industry  – email before 30 JUNE 2017


Academics ‘should not sign over research copyright to publishers’  (free registration to read)

Researchers protest publisher’s orders to remove papers from their websites

Is the APA trying to take your science down?


IP and Traditional Knowledge:

A U.N. Effort to Make Cultural Appropriation Illegal

Indigenous Knowledge Systems – the Missing Link

Traditional Knowledge, IP and A2K resources


Preserving Cultural Heritage:

Endangered Heritage Emergency Evacuation of Heritage Collections

Legal Deposit in South Africa


Predatory Publishing Practices:

Thirteen ways to spot a ‘predatory journal’ (and why we shouldn’t call them that) (free subscription to read)

Journals blacklist creator blames university for website closure


Journalism and Ethics:

Ethics in Journalism

Ethical journalism: What to do, and not to do, with leaked

Resources on Journalism and Media Studies