Intellectual Property:

N.B.  SA Copyright Bill 2015 -  Deadline today for submissions – 16 September 2015

The most common song you can't sing in public

Copyright & Licensing  (IFLA Statement on Licensing)

Court Says Copyright Owners Must Consider Fair Use in DMCA Notices (USA)

Upcoming Kenyan Copyright Amendments to Target Local Internet Service Providers Hosting Infringing Content

Copyright as an Access Right, Securing Cultural Participation through the Protection of Creators’ Interests


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Wikipedia under fire for relationship with academic publisher

The presence of High-impact factor Open Access Journals in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine (STEM) disciplines

Ch. 1: Idealism and Opportunism: A Gold OA Overview

Libraries at the crossroads

What is “Publishing” if even a Library can do it?

Towards an open research university: creating the conditions where engaged research can flourish.

Open Access Resources


Data and Data Management:

Commentary: How open data can drive sustainable development

Open Data Impact Map


Open Data Resources


Conference alert:

Higher Education Transformation Symposium

“Shifting perspective: The push & pull of advancing equity & embedding inclusive”

21 -22 October 2015 - Amabhubesi Training Centre, Johannesburg.