Intellectual Property:

Copyright In Brussels: Two Reports, More Than Meets the Eye


Traditional Knowledge

Regulations protecting indigenous peoples' cultural rights take effect (Taiwan)

Traditional Knowledge, IP and A2K


Data and Data Management:

"What Factors Influence Where Researchers Deposit their Data? A Survey of Researchers Submitting to Data Repositories"

Data sharing: Make outbreak research open access

Mexico enshrines open data into its federal regulation

Ordnance Survey commits to open data address sharing



5 Plagiarism Myths Many Still Believe

Attribution, Coincidence and Memory in the Internet Age

How to Detect Plagiarism


Conference Alerts:

Open Research Data: Implications for Science and Society

28-29 May, 2015 – Warsaw, Poland

South Africa International Conference on Education - “Rethinking Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century”

21 – 23 September 2014 – Pretoria, South Africa