Intellectual Property:

TRIPS – The Story of How Intellectual Property Became Linked to Trade

Free Semantic Patent Search & Analysis                            

Limitations and Exceptions in EU Copyright Law for Libraries, Educational and Research Establishments: A Basic Guide

Innovation and the Global Expansion of Intellectual Property Rights: Unfulfilled Promises

Why Did We Have to Wait a Year to Fix Our Cars?


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Could making authors pay to get their work published be the way forward for academic journals?

If Science Must Be a Self-Correcting Search for Truth, So Should Its Communication]

Publishing in Open Access without paying a fee

Why You Need to Publish Open Access

The Case for Open Use Policies : Realizing the Full Value of Publicly Funded Information


Predatory Publishing Practices:

How to avoid predatory publishers

Resources on Predatory Publishing Practices


Quick Survey on Copyright & A2K Issues Newsletter

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